Moushumi and Gogol both come from Indian parents, in foreign lands, and went through a period of rejection towards their Indian roots. The difference between the two characters is that Gogol has already matured and realized that his family and heritage is important, while Moushumi is still rejecting that lifestyle.


Moushumi - the daughter of a family friend Gogol knew her when they were children Quiet, she read a lot and had an English accent She studies French but her parents want to her to be a doctor or chemist. Gogol studies architecture and his family wants him to be a doctor and engineer.

Gogol loves exploring the architecture, but he doesn't participate in Moushumi's work or attend her talk. When she is done, Moushumi and Gogol meet at a café, where Moushumi complains about leaving Paris. Moushumi knows Gogol as "Gogol," and is surprised when he introduces himself as Nikhil at the bar. It is "the first time he's been out with a woman who'd once known him by that other name." He comes to like the sense of familiarity it creates between them. Gogol and Moushumi marry as per their family’s request, in a semi awkward realization that the sari that Moushumi is wearing is from her previous engagement.

Gogol and moushumi

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In this  In sharp contrast to Ashima is one whose exile is perhaps never resolved: Gogol' s ex-wife. Moushumi; a Bengali girl, born in London and brought to America at a  9 Mar 2007 Gogol eventually falls in love with Moushumi (Zuleikha Robinson), a beautiful Bengali woman who lived a freewheeling life in Paris before  1 Aug 2019 Nikhol meets Moushumi at a bar (Lahiri 2003), she remembers him as Gogol (pp. 197). This is the part of the story where Nikhol remembers his  Gogol accepts his culture when he agrees the arrange marriage between Moushumi and him. “He had agreed to fly with her and her parents to Calcutta, to meet  13 Aug 2014 I empathized with Gogol's struggles to find an identity with which he could be content; Moushumi's struggles to please her parents; and finally I  22 Apr 2009 He names his son after Gogol, and much of the film covers the growing one with Gogol and Maxine, and one with Gogol and Moushumi) are  28 Nov 2012 As Nikhil, Gogol has relationships with 4 women: Ruth, Maxine, Bridget, and Moushumi. Ruth is a transition girlfriend, meeting on a train, and  6 Apr 2007 At a party at his blond girlfriend's home, Gogol Ganguli (Kal Penn) is and Moushumi (Zuleikha Robinson), the daughter of fellow Bengalis. 21 May 2020 His wife, Moushumi, has been away at a work conference in Palm Beach, but she is supposed.

“The Namesake” by Jhumpa Lahiri, stresses the  Cast and crew · Mira Nair. Director · Kal Penn. Gogol Ganguli · Tabu.

Before Moushumi reunites with Gogol, she almost marries an American investment banker named Graham. They meet each other while Moushumi is living in Paris 

Moushumi turns down the fellowship without telling Gogol about it. To celebrate their wedding anniversary and Moushumi’s exams, they eat out at a restaurant that Astrid and Donald have recommended. Gogol and Moushumi move in together, and Gogol sometimes finds reminders of Moushumi’s life with Graham.

Gogol begins to feel more and more nostalgic as his marriage with Moushumi progresses. In Paris, he wishes he could stay in bed with Moushumi for hours, the way they used to, rather than having to sightsee by himself while she prepares for her presentation.

When Moushumi travels to a conference in Paris, Gogol accompanies her.

2014-04-22 · Moushumi represented many things especially the Bengali culture that Gogol desired. However, after learning about her affair, he realized that she inaccurately represented all that. Gogol continued on with his life in a mature and calm way which surprised me. After all that he’s been through you would think that he would go crazy. 2015-02-21 · Gogol rekindles a friendship with Moushumi, the daughter of family friends and eventually gets married to her. However the marriage is short lived as Moushumi, starts having an affair with an old boyfriend from Paris. Gogol divorces Moushumi, while Ashima blames herself for pressuring Gogol to marry a fellow Bengali.
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Gogol begins to feel more and more nostalgic as his marriage with Moushumi progresses. In Paris, he wishes he could stay in bed with Moushumi for hours, the way they used to, rather than having to sightsee by himself while she prepares for her presentation.

They both graduated from top universities, and experimented with foreign relationships. Even so they had so much in common, the most important thing in common was that they both gave up trying to live their own lives to live the ideal life everyone expected of them. 2016-03-03 Gogol and Moushumi are the typical representatives of the second-generation immigrants. However, there is a definite difference between them.
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20 Jun 2020 A few months after Ashoke's death, Gogol and Maxine break up. Summary A year after Moushumi and Gogol are married, 1999, Moushumi 

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