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Nils Björhem, Malmö Martin Hansson, Gemla Acta Archaeologica Lundensia, Series in 8° No. 38. 1 I wish to These holes were drilled by hand using a metal drill According to Fjellman Jaderup, one-third of Sweden's cur-

I use a 6" Nils and have pulled up pike to 8 pounds and walleye to 6 pounds with no problems. I do not use the same hole for fishing and transducer. If you do get a Nils, remember, let the auger do the work. Easy to attach, a premium Nils Master Ice Auger Replacement Blade makes hand drilling through thick ice quick and easy again.

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180 Hosmer Road. Ashby, MA 01431. 1-978-386-7707 Frank DeLuca. 5382 Jentoft Road. Saginaw, MN. 55779. 1-218-729-7941 Nilsusa Convertible Cordless Drill Auger- 8'' UR800CConverts into cordless drill auger!

Items 1 - 48 of 53 We have the best ice augers and accessories for sale. Cut through ice ION 8" Ultralight Auger Bit Ice Master Nils Ice Auger Conversion Kit. This page is about Nils Ice Auger 8 Inch,contains Nils USA 8 Hand Ice Auger, Blue vs orange nils auger,Ice Auger Kit 120V TS Powerhead, 10 TS Auger, 8 Nils Eskimo HD08 Hand Auger 8" - w/Dual-Flat Blade - HD08 · Eskimo HD08 Hand Nils Master UR800C Convertible Hand - Auger to Cordless Drill 8" - UR800C.

Get to ice fishing quickly with the Nils USA Velocity Hand Ice Auger. This high-performance drill is fitted with a wide-arcing handle and unique chromium steel cutting head and curved blades that are designed to quickly cut through the thickest ice with little or no downward pressure.

Buy It Now. From United States. S p o n s o r e d.

My brother uses his 8″ K-drill and cordless and can drill just as fast as my Nils. If I didn’t already have a Nils gas auger, I probably would have bought the K-drill bit. I just like the idea of screaming through the ice with a 6″ bit on my power head once the ice gets thick. Either way the cookie crumbles, you will be happy.

Nils USA Cordless Drill Auger 8 50 holes yesterday through 14" of ice. The Nils auger blades are super sharp and of the 6 and 8 inch 6 inch Lazer auger VS 8 inch Nils with a cordless drill Nils Tanaka Ice Auger - $475.

Ion Replacement Battery. $149.99. Ice fishing seat boxes with handy compartments for ice rods, lures, baits and accessories are very popular among ice anglers. Boxes are made of shockproof and frost-resistant plastic. The upper part of the box is covered with soft eva material for comfortable sitting. Thanks to the adjustable shoulder strap the box can be easily transported. This auger adapter enables anglers to mount a Nils auger bit to the Clam Drill Plate.
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Stick it on your better quality cordless drill of 18 volts or more and this auger has been designed by Nils to takes a less aggressive bite out of the ice to allow a smaller motor to turn it effectively. Get to ice fishing quickly with the Nils USA Velocity Hand Ice Auger.

Ion Replacement Battery. $149.99.
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Brand New. C $254.79.